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East Texas shop for locker install

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  • East Texas shop for locker install

    Are there any shops in the East Texas area you would trust to do a locker install? I hope to be purchasing an ox Locker soon and will need someone to install it.

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    A&B brake and alignment will do it no problem...they installed our air locker and detroit perfectly with no leaks...350 for lockers and ring and pinon setup complete...we have done all ourselves for years but this was a busy time of our life so we were glad they could do it known them for over 20 years

    Talk to Mike and tell him Geoff Bernhard (guy with monster lime green suburban) told you about them...we throw all kinds of crazy stuff at them and they handle everything even some work on rockwells one time lol

    219 S Palace Ave, Tyler, TX 75702


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      Thank you for the info!

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      No problem! Hope it all works out for you!