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    I am new to ETXJC but not new to the Jeep community. I bought my Jeep TJ new in 98. It has been your typical jeep with something always needing attention. I have know for a while that an engine swap would be required but the time is now here I had always heard that the most practical thing to do was to go with a Chevy conversion. I've heard it's very common and therefore the process is well mapped out online My mechanic is usually Gateway tire. They told me the cost to convert (all the new stuff needed for a different power plant) to a different engine would be very high. They recommended I stick with a remanufactured jeep 4.0. So I found Titan Stroker who specialize in stroker engines.
    They have a range of basic 4.0 $1,800 to 4.7 $4,400 stroked engines. Gateway informed me those prices were extremely good and I should buy the engine and they would do the install. They quoted about 15 hours labor around $2,000 to install the 4.0. I have not yet found out if the bigger power units are also direct bolt in replacement yet so I may end up going with this one
    which is a slight upgrade from the stock 4.0. Sadly I am not mechanically inclined so I'm at the mercy of mechanics Any advice on which course of action and if there is a better mechanic that I should speak to Thank you for your help. And I know someone will suggest I sell it and buy a new one. I would love to also own a JK but a long time ago I decided to keep this Jeep. My wife and I went out on our blind date in my Jeep so I have already and continue to spend the money to make it nice again. MTJGA

    Joel Horton
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    Check out Golen Engines they have nice stroker engines that are dyno tested and reliable.


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      I was quoted $1,500 labor for an LS swap in my XJ. Parts are in the $6k - $7k range. Cost is probably in the same range for a TJ.
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        GM motors can be swapped on the cheap but you would need to do the work yourself. Best bet is to stick with the 4.0 unless you're prepping for a build.


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          Might want to reach out to these guys as well. They are a shop out of Longview that has experience on LS swaps into Wranglers. Stroked straight-6's are rad though for similar pricing, a LS swap would get you 70-100 more horsepower.
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