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HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP, trying to confirm info for ZJ

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  • HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP, trying to confirm info for ZJ

    Before I drive myself even more insane that I already am .

    Currie front LCA's.. Will they or will they not fit a ZJ (1st gen GC)?

    MOST companies show their LCA's will fit TJ, XJ, ZJ &MJ, but Currie doesn't list ZJ as a fitment for theirs... Just oversight or does anyone know if there is a legit reason why? Heck, even their "XJ version" don't show fitment for ZJ. Everything I've read so far says in the aftermarket world they're all the same (unless I'm missing some giant red flag somewhere?

    I've tried calling Currie a couple of times & all I get is a ringing line that no one ever picks up.

    Yes, I've had coffee today so I am awake.. Yes, my wife will say that I am THAT retarded.... Now that I've got that out of the way.. Help?!?!

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    Pretty sure it's an oversight. To my knowledge, the mounts are identical in dimension.
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      That's where my thought process is too, after posting & doing way more research that a sane person would ever do I did find they list a set of LCA's for the XJ & MJ but show it only fits those models too.. Guessing they're trying to keep from being viewed as a "universal fit" company.. Who knows...

      I have read a few obscure posts about ZJ CA's being slightly longer than the others but it should have no bearing in the aftermarket world as I see it; unless Currie limits the thread length/engagement but that just seems like a poor business move in so many ways...

      For $200 I may try to snag them just to find out, heck the johnny joints alone are worth $100 of it lol.


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        Not sure about the lowers, but I've held a set of Currie uppers next to a set of Rock Krawler uppers, and they are puny in comparison. Just another option that is solid, proven (by many here in the club as well), and 3/4 the price.
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